The Problem with Reforming Islam – Dr. Ulrich von Hutten

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The Problem with Reforming Islam

Dr. Ulrich von Hutten

During recent times Islam has become the focus of various writers and groups. The reason of course is that migrants and asylum seekers coming into Europe not only want to adhere to their religion but in many instances want to replace local law with Shariah law. The latter results primarily form active efforts by Imams and other Islamic community leaders to retain control over Islamic adherents. The counter argument is that Immigrants need to adjust to the culture of the country they wish to live in. No one says you have to forfeit your personal religious belief, but one cannot transpose Mid-Eastern or Southwest-Asian belief systems onto a European society which has developed its own customs over 2 millennia. One either adapts or relocates to a place where the customs are more agreeable to the Islamic migrant.

Against this stands…

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