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Progressive Conditioning – Definition by Don Mashak

Don Mashak's Political Dissent Definitions

Progressivism relates to a political movement that began in the USA circa 1905.  It drew heavily on Darwinism (1860) and the Theory of Evolution as foundational elements.

Is your government making you behave like Pavlov's Dog? Is your government making you behave like Pavlov’s Dog?

Progressives believe people must be conditioned, either like Pavlov’s dog or by the methods of B. F. Skinner and Edward Bernays, to behave as Government wants them to behave rather than as they are naturally inclined to behave. Conditioning is politically correct for Reward and Punishment. (Learn more about Classical Conditioning ) Progressive Conditioning is analogous to the the “beat down” used by local tyrant thugs in the “hood”. The beat down consists of harassing, intimidating and/or physically beating an individual (depending on the personality of the individual) so much and so often that the individual becomes submissive and compliant to the will of the perpetrator. Progressive Government Tyrant Thugs (aka Educated Elite)…

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